The first installation of new solar panels on the International Space Station failed

The International Space Station originally planned to install new solar panels for the first time on the 16th, but the two astronauts out of the capsule delayed a lot of time due to malfunctions and eventually failed to install the new panels as planned. According to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, French astronaut Thomas … Read more

Break through tradition! New frameless solar panels can be “sticked directly” on the roof

Singapore’s Maxeon Solar Technology Co., Ltd. recently stated that they have found a new way to install photovoltaic panels on the roofs of commercial buildings. The company has created frameless, thin and light solar panels that can be directly “sticked” to the roof, so that buildings that cannot support traditional installation methods are also equipped … Read more

Glass curtain wall solar cells have a new high energy efficiency, and the building’s self-sufficiency is just around the corner

According to reports, a research team led by researchers at the University of Michigan recently set a new record for the energy efficiency of transparent solar cells with neutral colors, making the idea of ​​skyscrapers’ curtain walls incarnate as their own energy source a step closer to reality. It is reported that the team used … Read more

New breakthrough in solar cell research at China Northeast Normal University

Recently, the team of Chin Northeast Normal University Yichun Liu and Xintong Zhang cooperated with the University of Tokyo in Japan to construct n/p quantum junction solar cells through PbS quantum dot surface ligand engineering, and achieved a photoelectric conversion efficiency of 10.5%. This is the highest efficiency reported for quantum junction PbS solar cells … Read more