How should I buy auto insurance?

Now everyone’s living conditions have improved, and many people have plans to buy a car. Of course, after buying a car, you must first buy insurance for the car. Our country also has regulations that the car must be insured before it can drive on the road, but there is auto insurance. Many people don’t know how to choose when they buy. For some novice drivers, they can’t wait to buy all the car insurance, so that they will have more protection when driving. But the old drivers suggest that you, You can’t buy auto insurance blindly. Many of them are not practical. Buying is giving money to the insurance company. Today, let’s talk about which insurance is the most practical and how should I buy auto insurance? Old driver: Smart people only buy these three, the others are waste!

First of all, the first is the compulsory traffic insurance. The compulsory traffic insurance is also a mandatory insurance purchased by our country. New cars cannot be licensed without the compulsory traffic insurance. Old cars will not pass the annual review if they do not purchase the compulsory traffic insurance, and they will not be normal at that time. Driving on the road, once caught by the traffic police, you will also be punished accordingly. Therefore, the compulsory traffic insurance must be purchased. Of course, the compulsory traffic insurance is also a very practical insurance. When we have a traffic accident, the compulsory traffic insurance can also be applied to the other party. Part of the compensation can also alleviate part of our economic pressure.

Secondly, the second type is car damage insurance. There are many vehicles on the road now. It is not enough to buy compulsory traffic insurance. For safety reasons, many car owners will also buy several kinds of commercial insurance. Car damage insurance is one of them, which is also very important. A practical type of insurance. When our vehicle is affected by a natural disaster, or an accident causes damage to the vehicle, if you buy this kind of insurance, the insurance company will compensate the owner for a certain loss, and smart people will buy this kind of insurance. , Especially for new cars.

The third type is the three-party insurance, which is also called the third-party liability insurance. This type of insurance is also very practical. The three-party insurance is generally divided into different insured amounts such as 300,000, 500,000, and 1 million. When we When a traffic accident occurs and you are fully responsible, then this insurance will play a greater role. Of course, the amount of compensation will also be calculated based on the amount of insurance we purchased. If the economic loss in the accident reaches 500,000, At this time, what we just bought was also an insured amount of 500,000, so the insurance company would compensate for this loss, but we did not receive compensation for our own losses in the accident.

The three types of insurance mentioned above are very practical and can generally be used in the event of an accident. Generally smart people will buy these three types of insurance. Other insurances are useless, such as spontaneous combustion insurance, glass insurance, theft rescue, etc. Wait, so don’t spend any wronged money anymore. I don’t know how you bought your car insurance?

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