3 simple and practical ways to build a personal website for free

There are many friends who want to build a personal website, but don’t want to spend too much money, or even want to build a personal website for free. Is there a way to build a personal website for free? How to build a personal website for free? Today, I will share with you 3 practical and simple methods. The first two sites are completely free to build, and the third site requires some money. The specific cost depends on the situation. I have tried these three methods personally, so the practicality and readability are very strong.

1. With the help of a third-party platform.

To build a simple website, if you want to be completely free, and there is no need for customization of page content, level, domain name, etc., you can find some third-party platform to register, and then open a second or third-level station like a personal homepage, such as a personal page of a blog , Zhihu’s personal homepage, QQ’s personal space, etc.

The advantages of this method are simple, convenient, free, trouble-free, no need to understand site building technology and easy to be included in the ranking (provided that the third-party platform has a high weight). The disadvantage is that it is linked to a third-party platform and cannot be modified according to your own needs. Page frame content, interactive design and some seo website optimization content, publishing content is also subject to third-party platform restrictions, violations involving sensitive words and other issues will be punished, the lighter is forbidden to publish this content, the more serious it is directly blocked.

2. Free domain name and web hosting.

The most basic thing for a website is to have a domain name and a server (virtual host). With these two, upload the website program and related content to the server (virtual host) bound by domain name resolution. Generally, service providers such as Alibaba Cloud and Tencent Cloud often do some activities, such as free experience server (virtual hosting) and domain name sending activities. At this time, you can apply for a trial. Follow the trial instructions and website building process step by step to build your own website. Upload the program and content to the server (virtual host). The specific activity time needs to pay attention to each service provider, generally there will be discount activities or trial activities in important shopping festivals. In 2017, I applied for the Alibaba Cloud domain name and server (virtual host) for a trial, and then used the WordPress program to build my own blog site, so this is free for my personal test.

The advantages of this method are: free, relatively simple, website content can be customized according to your needs, upload and later seo optimization work is better than the first method. The disadvantage is also very obvious: the trial activity needs to be renewed when it expires (the meaning of the service provider’s activity is to collect money later), otherwise the domain name and server will not be used, and the work done in the early stage such as seo will be in vain. There is also a need for you to understand some website building technologies, such as domain name resolution, domain name and server binding, website program upload server, 404 page settings and 301 adjustment settings, etc., but this general service provider will have operating instructions and you can follow the instructions step by step operating.

3. Purchase a domain name and server.

Note: The servers mentioned here refer to cloud servers or virtual hosts. Independent servers are very expensive and only used by large companies (such as Ali, Tencent, etc.). Generally, small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals use virtual hosts or Cloud Server.

The second method has already been said that domain names and servers are the basis for building a website. If you want to operate and maintain the website for a long time, you can spend some money to buy it. Here I recommend you a more cost-effective way to help you save some money:

(1) domain name

Building a website and choosing a good domain name is half the battle. Precautions for choosing a domain name: 1. Registration and renewal should be as early as possible; 2. Short, easy to understand and easy to remember; 3. Try to use com as the domain name suffix; 4. Related to company name, industry business, etc.

The cheaper domain names provided by domain name service providers such as Alibaba Cloud and Tencent Cloud are 59 yuan per year. You can also buy them from niche domain name service providers. The price may be cheaper. The specific price still depends on the popularity of the domain name. And domain name suffixes vary. For example, .com is generally more expensive than other suffixes. In order to save money, you can think of a domain name based on the business or service promoted by the website, which is relevant, short, and recognizable. If you choose a good domain name, you can continue to hold it even if you don’t make a website. If someone wants to buy your domain name one day, you can make a fortune. Now many well-known domain names of large companies are Buy domain names held by others, such as 360.

If you want to save time and money, want to get the website online quickly, and don’t particularly care about the slow opening of the website, you can buy a Hong Kong domain name that does not require registration. Compared with other domain names that do not need to be registered, Hong Kong domain names are better in all aspects, such as the website opens faster , The target users in China are close to each other and so on.

(2) Server

Generally, when buying a domain name, pay attention to the package push activities of the service provider. It may be more cost-effective than buying it separately, such as purchasing a domain name to send a virtual host/server, or purchasing a virtual host/server to send a domain name. When choosing a server, you need to take a closer look at the various data and values ​​included, as shown in the column for the entry-level entry site, focusing on speed, operating system, space, memory, and bandwidth. Choose according to your needs. The website content is not much, interaction and development are relatively simple, just choose the cheapest one.

(3) Station building program/system

If you don’t want to spend money, go to the Internet to find open source website building programs, such as Empire, Dream Weaving, and WordPress. These three programs/systems have their own merits: weaving dreams is simpler than empire, the overall style is more concise, all kinds of functions are complete, and it is more suitable for friends who are starting to build a website. However, the system also has its shortcomings. For example, some plates are designed to be hidden deep and require more practice to find them. Empire is relatively weaving dreams and has more powerful functions, but dynamic retrieval and other aspects have relatively high technical requirements. WordPress, as a content management system software evolved from a personal blog system, is concise and easy to use, but it takes up resources and has a weaker SEO optimization function. It requires the site builder to write the code in the directory, so the code is unfamiliar. Friends are also a problem.

Advantages of this method: It is conducive to SEO optimization. You are the webmaster and have absolute control. You can change whatever you want. You can change it as long as you want. The content can be posted without restrictions (provided that the host space can Accommodated), more familiar and more practical with the procedures and methods of station construction and optimization. Disadvantages: Need to invest some cost, understand the basic knowledge of building a website, need to spend a certain amount of time and energy, and be patient in the later maintenance of the website. My current personal website (http://www.anydou.net) is built using this method. The website program code is modified by myself, the content is written by myself, and the logo is designed by myself.

If you spend money to build a website, you can also find a third party for development or customization. The cost will vary according to the complexity of the development, interactive design requirements, whether static processing, whether there is payment, etc., but it is not recommended to find a third party for personal website construction, of course. I didn’t say anything about the money.

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