Use Cloudways hosting platform to increase the speed of my website by 600%

In a blink of an eye, half of 2021 has passed. Are you still looking for a high-quality website server and worrying about it? Shared virtual machines can no longer satisfy your multiple websites? If you use wordpress to build your website like the editor and use a cheap shared hosting, and feel that the website is not responding quickly, then quickly change to a better wordpress hosting service provider.

I have been using Godaddy’s luxury virtual shared hosting before. Recently, I feel that the website speed is getting slower and slower, and occasionally Error 524 is displayed. So I decisively transferred all the 3 websites on Godaddy to the Cloudways service platform at the beginning of the month. In fact, I did a thorough comparison and research before the transfer, and finally chose Linode in Cloudways. After 2 weeks of experience, the speed increase is very obvious, about 600% faster. The following picture is directly above:

The following is a blog site on Godaddy shared hosting before the transfer. You can see that it takes 4.6 seconds to fully open the site. It feels very slow.

Below is the speed of opening the same website on a Linode 1GB server under Cloudways as shown in the figure below:


The above has just changed to the Cloudways host, and no further optimization has been done. After I did a little optimization, the response speed is faster. Look at the figure below:

I believe after seeing the above tests, it is easy to know that using the linode host in Cloudways is 6 times faster compared to the Godaddy shared host. The price is cheaper.

Here also show you that this is the Godaddy, I purchased on June 12,2017 for 5 years, which expires on June 12,2022.

Here is the package for the Cloudways Linode host that I use:

There are only 3 sites, 2 wordpress and 1 PHP sites, which will continue to add 2 wordpress. background indicators. See the figure below:

Why would I choose Cloudways hosting, which mainly has the following points:

  • Try it for three days for free without setting a credit card, which lets you test the actual effect before you hesitate.
  • Charge at time, monthly, can upgrade, downgrade or deactivate at any time, allowing you flexible control.
  • Run stable and fast (compared to a shared host)
  • 24 Small online customer service, whenever anyone answers your questions
  • 24 Small website station monitoring for more than 16 different indicators from the console
  • 5 Host Business Selection (DigitalOcean, Linode, VULTR, Google Cloud Platform, AWS)
  • Multiple station schemes, wordpress host can also easily run the PHP website, CMS, etc.
  • Web site automatic backup, this is great.
  • One host can build multiple sites. That means you can create multiple APP, for the APP under the same server.
  • Free SSL certificate and can set automatic renewal SSL, is equivalent to permanent free SSL, without manual update.
  • First site migration is free, this is easier than suitable for novice migration PHP site, if it is to migrate wordpress is very easy, can be done through the Cloudways wordpress migrator plugin.
  • The host console can simply switch the version of PHP and adjust the PHP setting parameters.
  • Can help you optimize the server to the best state, novice gospel.

Here are the 5 hosting service providers hosted by Cloudways:

How to choose this according to their own actual situation, generally lightweight website, one or more suggested 1GB RAM linode. If you will not choose can also consult 24 hours online customer service, bad English can translate with Google.

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