Google takes the lead in telecommuting salary cuts for Silicon Valley giants

Google takes the lead in telecommuting salary cuts for Silicon Valley giants.

According to a Google salary calculation sheet seen by Reuters, if Google employees work from home for a long time, their salary may change, and employees who work from home longer will be more affected.

Facebook and Twitter have also reduced the salary of remote workers, while smaller companies such as Reddit and Zillow have not done so, which they claim has advantages in recruitment, retention, and talent diversification.

This is a salary payment method being explored by large companies throughout Silicon Valley, and it may lead a certain trend.

Google takes the lead in telecommuting salary cuts for Silicon Valley giants

According to the Work Location Tool launched by Google in June, employees’ salaries may be reduced by about 10% if they work from home.

A Google employee considered working remotely, but decided to continue working in the Seattle office, even though it would take two hours to commute to and from get off work. He said: If I choose to work remotely, the salary change will be the same as when I was last promoted. I did so much hard work to get a promotion, not for a pay cut.

At the same time, a Google employee living in Stanford, Connecticut, is an hour’s drive from the New York office; if she works from home, her salary will be reduced by 15%, while colleagues who work in the New York office will not receive a pay cut.

To tell the truth, many people will be surprised to see Google taking the lead in providing wages for telecommuting, and employees’ pay cuts will be very surprising, because Google has always been known for its better benefits for employees in the market, and no one expected such benefits for employees. A good Google will adopt such a special method of salary calculation. What should we think of Google’s special method of salary calculation?

First of all, it is not surprising to see such a statement objectively. In fact, as early as last year, we had already mentioned this problem, that is, telecommuting may become a means for companies to reduce salaries. , But what I didn’t expect is the truth, some companies really started to adopt such a method. The reason why companies adopt such methods is actually the core reason is that telecommuting gives the company more possibilities, letting the company discover that a lot of work does not necessarily require employees to work in a fixed office, so Under such circumstances, the company has more choices, which means that the company has more industry reserves. Many people were restricted by the space problem of working, and there is no way to work in this company, but now Under the circumstances, you can work in this company because location is no longer an issue.

Then the company has more and more people to choose from. Therefore, under this background, more and more people can come to serve this company, so for the company, he will have more With more market competitiveness, under the situation of the company’s market competitiveness, the company will naturally choose to let everyone work directly from home pay lower, because so many people will be willing to adopt such an office method. So why bother to spend so much money to hire such high-paid employees?

Secondly, we need to see whether an employee actually needs to cut his salary because he is working from home. The core reason is still the employee. What is the value he creates for the company? If the value created by the employee for the company is very high High, then this employee can completely claim that your company cannot give me a salary cut, because where I work does not affect the value I create for the company, but if the value created by working at home decreases, then for the company It may argue that you should lower your salary. The biggest problem now is that employees have relatively weak voice in this area. No one can prove whether the value created by employees is high or low, so in this regard, companies often With a relatively large market advantage, the company dared to adopt such a method.

Third, from the perspective of long-term market development, such a strategy of reducing wages when working from home will actually completely change the way most people think about working from home, and it may be detrimental to the management of the company. It is undoubtedly a very irrational method for Google to take the lead in adopting this mode of working from home. At this time, it chooses to cut salary. It can only be said that Google is no longer the Google that everyone knew before.

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Regarding Google takes the lead in telecommuting salary cuts for Silicon Valley giants, what do you think of it ?

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