America’s attitude towards Huawei has changed

America’s attitude towards Huawei has changed

Huawei is the most advanced manufacturer in the 5G field and can independently develop a variety of 5G chips, etc. However, Huawei only does chip R&D and design and has not entered the chip manufacturing field. The orders are all produced by TSMC.

Due to the revised rules in the United States, companies such as TSMC and other companies that use American technology cannot ship freely, which has brought some problems to the production of Kirin chips.

Under such circumstances, many manufacturers are vying to apply for free shipping permits to the United States, because losing Huawei’s orders means losing a huge market, especially for companies such as TSMC and Qualcomm.

America's attitude towards Huawei has changed

But in the past two years, few companies have obtained free shipping permits. Even if TSMC announced that it would invest 12 billion US dollars to build a factory in the United States, it still did not obtain a permit.

Even Qualcomm has repeatedly issued warnings to the United States that restricting Qualcomm’s free shipments is equivalent to letting Qualcomm give up its $8 billion market. Moreover, in the mobile chip market, MediaTek has continuously surpassed Qualcomm to become the world’s number one.

But no one thought that in June, without any warning, Qualcomm suddenly shipped to Huawei, and Huawei tablets equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 processors were officially released on the market.

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At the end of July, Huawei launched the P50 series of mobile phones based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor. It can be said that Qualcomm’s shipment of 4G products to Huawei is firmly established.

There is even news that Qualcomm will ship 5G chips and other products from Huawei. It is expected that in September, the first mobile phone equipped with Qualcomm 5G chips will be the Huawei Nova9 series.

The most important thing is that after Qualcomm shipped, some foreign media said that the US’s attitude towards Huawei has changed.

The reason is not only that Qualcomm has shipped to Huawei. According to the news, the United States also allows related companies to ship to Huawei up to 200 million US dollars of automotive chips and 5G chips used in automobiles.

It is understood that there may be three reasons why the attitude towards Huawei has changed.

First, pressure from US companies such as Qualcomm.

We all know that Qualcomm and other companies only do chip research and development and design, and do not involve hardware and other products themselves. Simply put, they mainly rely on the sales of chips and patent licensing fees to obtain income.

Since it cannot ship to Huawei, this is naturally a huge loss. Only Qualcomm will lose 8 billion US dollars in the market because it cannot ship freely.

What’s more, among the companies that cannot ship freely, it is not just Qualcomm, but also Micron and Broadcom.

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In addition, because they cannot ship freely, dozens of companies such as Microsoft, Google, and Intel have jointly asked the US government for a subsidy of US$50 billion. This shows how much pressure they are facing.

Secondly, the country has been able to produce chips of the same level.

Automotive chips often use the 28nm process, and domestic manufacturers are fully capable of mass production of 28nm chips. SMIC has expanded the production of 28nm process twice, and is full of confidence in the process.

You know, SMIC has made it clear that the risks of mature process chips such as 28nm are further reduced. Compared with major international manufacturers, domestic 28nm chips will arrive by the end of this year.

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Moreover, Huawei has also launched a self-developed automotive chip-Kirin 990A, which uses a 28nm process.

In other words, the United States changed its attitude and allowed the shipment of chips such as automobiles to Huawei because Huawei and domestic manufacturers have the ability to develop and manufacture such chips. They allow shipments, but they cannot just occupy some markets. The restrictions on shipments are basically Pointless.

Finally, domestic manufacturers are making every effort to promote chip R&D and manufacturing technology.

At present, many domestic companies can independently develop and design chips such as 7nm, and chip manufacturing technology has also broken through 14nm and N+1 processes. In the future, it will inevitably make further breakthroughs in more advanced processes.

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The change in the US’s attitude towards Huawei this time is nothing more than a slow-down strategy. It will make domestic manufacturers a little bit slower in terms of chips through the way of shipments.

But unfortunately, domestic manufacturers are determined to develop their own chips. Xiaomi OV and others have all launched their own chips. Huawei clearly stated that the chips will be manufactured independently. In the near future, it will inevitably make a comprehensive breakthrough.

Foreign media: U.S. attitude towards Huawei has changed

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