Hongmeng has over 50 million users, and the official media personally liked it

Hongmeng has over 50 million users, and the official media personally liked it

The operating system, as the most critical existence in smart devices, is the bridge that successfully combines its hardware and software to provide services for people. Since the 21st century, both computers and smart phones in our country have achieved tremendous development, especially in smart phones. After the successful rise of the four major brands of Huami VO in China, they have successively made a reputation in the international arena. . For example, Huawei once ranked first in sales in a single quarter, Xiaomi also succeeded in surpassing Apple in sales in the single quarter, and the two major mobile phones of OV have also gained a lot of favor in developing countries. It seems that my country’s achievements in smart phones seem to be unmatched, but in fact, most of the key technologies in our so-called domestic mobile phones are not domestically produced, but rely on other countries, especially the United States. Among them, the operating system is the most obvious existence.

Before 2021, the smartphone operating system industry can be said to be completely controlled by the United States. Apple’s IOS system and Google’s Android system account for more than 99% of the market share. It is not difficult to see its horror. During this period, countless companies have also launched a sprint to mobile phone operating systems. Whether it is the mobile phone giants Nokia, Motorola, or Samsung, which has always been the number one, they have all worked hard on this, but in the end they all It ended in failure. However, the failure of others does not mean that the mobile phone operating system will always be controlled by Lao Mei. Therefore, after other companies have failed to attack the mobile phone operating system, my country’s Huawei launched another attack. The news of the Hongmeng system has attracted the attention of countless people since the end of 2019.

For Huawei’s entry into the operating system industry, some people say that this is a sign of helplessness. There are indeed factors in the US’s excessive suppression of Huawei, which prompted the “early” appearance of Hongmeng, but no matter from the previous announcement by Yu Chengdong at the 2019 Developer Conference, or the performance of the current Hongmeng system , Huawei has already begun to work on related matters. However, there are still many people who are not optimistic about the Hongmeng system, and many of them are Chinese.

On the one hand, the failures of WP, Tizen and other systems are considered to be a lesson for Hongmeng OS, and Hongmeng is likely to repeat the same mistakes. The failure of other operating systems time and time again demonstrates the power of iOS and Android. On the other hand, the time between when Hongmeng OS really came out for consumers and Huawei’s announcement of Hongmeng is a bit long, which has aroused many people’s doubts. Especially after some people saw the introduction of the Hongmeng system’s operation page, they even expressed that Hongmeng is the Android shell system. And all of this disappeared with the step-by-step application and promotion of the Hongmeng system. Especially with the recent release of Huawei P50, the latest data of Hongmeng OS has once again appeared in front of everyone, so that everyone is further confident in Hongmeng’s future, not to mention that the official media once again commented on Hongmeng, and CCTV also Further reports on Hongmeng’s related data and functions.

In the official media’s comment on Hongmeng once again, with the title of “Be patient and wait for good news”, it further explained to consumers the relationship between Hongmeng and iOS and Android, and publicly stated for Huawei that Hongmeng is definitely not Android.” Shell” system. As for Hongmeng’s use of the same AOSP as Android, the official media publicly explained that AOSP is not used by Google. The Android system only has a certain right to use it, and Huawei also has a certain right to use it. And in the specific application process, Huawei has also replaced all the codes that can be replaced. Not to mention that in the future, Hongmeng will have fewer code overlapping with it.

This announcement by the official media can be said to have completely shattered the previous rumor that the Hongmeng system is a “shell” system, and at the same time strengthened people’s confidence in the Hongmeng OS. In addition to the official media, CCTV directly uses data to speak out for the Hongmeng system, making people more full of expectations for the future of Hongmeng.

According to related reports, as of July 29, the number of users who updated the Hongmeng system had reached 40 million, and on August 6, the number of users of the Hongmeng system ushered in a breakthrough, reaching more than 50 million. From July 29 to August 6, in just a week or so, the number of users of Hongmeng OS directly increased by 10 million, which surprised countless people. You know, this is equivalent to 8 users choosing to update their mobile phone system to Hongmeng every second. This also makes Huawei full of confidence in the future of Hongmeng, and it is also full of enthusiasm. For such unexpected data, Huawei also changed the terminal quantity target of the Hongmeng system, adjusting it from 300 million to 400 million. You know, Huawei was also full of worries about the development of Hongmeng OS before, and it had veiled down the target. But now it seems that the strong performance of the Hongmeng system has made Huawei’s previous actions seem a bit “excessive.”

The current achievements of Hongmeng System are extremely gratifying, which means that the monopoly of Lao Mei in the mobile operating system industry will be greatly broken. The future development of China is not that Lao Mei can contain it if it wants to be contained. Yes, China nowadays is no longer the country where it used to be bullied. At the same time, the excellent performance of the Hongmeng system has also been successfully explored. A system that is only a few months old can be compared to Android and iOS for several years in many tests. It makes people feel unbelievable and also has a better understanding of the Hongmeng system. confidence. Many people also expressed the Hongmeng system as a perfect combination of Android and iOS, and smoothly realized the Internet of Everything on the basis of the two, laying the foundation for the rapidly developing Internet of Things era.

However, for the future of the Hongmeng system, we still cannot take it lightly. The most important of these is the further improvement of the ecological construction of the Hongmeng system and its own promotion. From the perspective of ecological improvement, the performance of the Hongmeng system itself is strong, but the system often requires a complete ecosystem to function better and provide users with better services. This is what Huawei lacks at the moment, and is in line with Apple and Google’s There is a certain gap in ecology.

Although it has been reported that HMS has been authorized for many applications, some of which are head applications, but still not all, this will undoubtedly affect the further popularization of the Hongmeng system. In addition to the issue of ecological construction, how to promote it in the future will also be the top priority for Huawei to think about. At the moment, most smartphone manufacturers still haven’t indicated that they will adopt the Hongmeng system, and some even refuse it face-to-face. This is what Huawei needs to solve. Because a system has only 16% of the market share, it means that it really has a firm foothold. As far as the current smartphone market is concerned, it is obviously impossible for Huawei to rely on itself. Moreover, an excellent system cannot be carried by itself. How can we truly realize the interconnection of everything in this way?

However, we believe that both the current overall performance of the Hongmeng system and the future development expectations are worth looking forward to, and Huawei will definitely bring Hongmeng to hand in a satisfactory answer for us.

Hongmeng has over 50 million users, we think this is very good things for China. Future will have more people use Hongmeng system.

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