Huawei mate50 pro exposure

Speaking of Huawei, everyone is familiar with it. After all, Huawei has encountered some difficulties in the process. It can develop to its current status. Its strength should not be underestimated. Although Huawei does not support 5g, it is a pity, but it also adds its own. Hongmeng system is still very strong in overall strength. For example, Huawei’s 120Hz high refresh rate technology cannot be achieved by many Android systems.

Huawei mate 50 pro exposed

4nm+144Hz+5000mAh, and Snapdragon 895 processor

Recently, a new Huawei machine, Huawei mate50pro, was exposed on the Internet. From the perspective of core performance configuration, Huawei mate 50 pro will be equipped with Snapdragon 895 processor, using more advanced 4nm process technology, coupled with its own Hongmeng system, performance It will be outstanding.

According to exposure news, Huawei mate50pro may adopt a curved screen design, with a centered hole-digging solution on the front, and a 6.57-inch OLED screen, and this screen also supports 144Hz high refresh rate technology. The screen experience is still very good.

huawei mate50 pro

It is reported that in terms of battery life, Huawei mate50pro will be equipped with a 5000mAh large-capacity battery and support 100w flash charging. Compared with the 4400mAh battery used in the previous Huawei mate40pro, it has been significantly upgraded, so it has 5000mAh large-capacity battery blessing and battery life. The ability is still very good.

In terms of imaging, Huawei mate50 pro has four rear cameras, an 80-megapixel main lens, a 20-megapixel telephoto lens and a 40-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens, as well as an XDO optical algorithm. The camera quality is excellent, and it may be added. We will wait and see for core technologies such as optical zoom and liquid lens. Of course, other high-end flagship products also have Huawei mate50pro, such as multifunctional NFC, X-axis horizontal linear motor, stereo dual speakers, IP68 dustproof and waterproof functions.

huawei mate50 pro backside

Although the Huawei mate 50 pro has not yet been released, the Huawei mate40pro 4G mobile phone is still a very popular flagship mobile phone. At present, double twelve has opened pre-sales, and friends who like it can pay attention to it.

From the appearance of the screen, the Huawei mate40pro 4G mobile phone is equipped with a 6.76-inch 88-degree ultra-curved OLED ring screen. This screen supports a 90Hz screen refresh rate and a 240Hz touch sampling rate, and the pixels are 2772*1344.

huawei mate50 pro black color

From the perspective of core performance, Huawei mate 40 pro 4G mobile phone is equipped with Kirin 9000 flagship chip, which uses a more advanced 5nm process technology, integrates 15 billion + transistors, CPU frequency up to 3.13GHz, 24-core Mail-G78GPU, innovative double The core + micro-core NPU architecture has also joined the new HarmonyOS. 2 system. With the Kirin 9000 chip, the performance of Huawei’s mate40pro 4G mobile phone has been greatly upgraded, and the power consumption has been greatly reduced.

In terms of camera, Huawei mate40pro 4G mobile phone is equipped with a 50-megapixel super-sensing camera, a 20-megapixel movie camera and a 12-megapixel periscope telephoto camera. It also has a laser focus sensor, and a 13-megapixel super-sensing camera and The 3D deep-sensing camera supports the new AIS super sports anti-shake, and the friends who have used it say that the shooting experience is very good.

huawei mate40 pro

In terms of battery life, Huawei mate40pro 4G mobile phone is equipped with a 4400mAh high-capacity battery, with 66w wired super fast charging and 50w wireless fast charging, and supports wireless reverse charging, which can be charged to 85% in half an hour. Charging once a day is enough. Your electricity is anxious.Huawei mate50 pro exposure.

Friends who like the Huawei mate40 series can start. The 8+256GB version of the Huawei mate40pro 4G phone only costs 6,599 yuan. What do you think of this phone?

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