Huawei wins a $50 billion order

France’s attitude has changed drastically, Huawei has won US$50 billion orders, and American scholars: things are out of control.

France dismantles Huawei’s 3000 antennas.
On December 1, 2018, Meng Wanzhou, the former chief financial officer of Huawei, was arrested by the United States through long-arm jurisdiction. Subsequently, Huawei was included in the “Entity List” and was cut off by the “chip ban” from all chip sources and the development of some businesses. In trouble!

Before Huawei was sanctioned, the United States had taken action against ZTE, but the turmoil was quickly calmed down. Why has Huawei been suppressed? The reason is that Huawei’s 5G technology is too advanced. The United States is worried that China will use Huawei’s 5G technology to rise quickly to achieve a full catch-up of the United States. It hopes to prevent the rise of my country’s technology through sanctions on Huawei.

huawei win big order

In order to limit the development space of Huawei’s 5G, the United States not only established the “OPEN-RUN” 5G alliance, attempting to dismantle Huawei’s technological advantages through decoupling, and also used to spread rumors that Huawei’s 5G has a “security backdoor” to “coerce its allies”. Lure” to prevent Huawei from entering the 5G market in other countries.

Under the obstruction of the United States, many countries have announced the suspension of cooperation with Huawei in the 5G field. Some countries have even banned Huawei from entering the 5G field, and launched the “Clear Network Plan”, requiring local telecom operators to complete the network within the specified time. Replacement of Huawei equipment in the architecture.

huawei win big order

According to media reports, although France has not explicitly prohibited Huawei from entering the country’s 5G market, it has started to dismantle Huawei’s equipment in many places. According to incomplete statistics, France has dismantled a total of 3,000 Huawei antennas.

Ren Zhengfei once said that Huawei’s 5G technology is the most advanced, at least two years ahead of other countries. It is their stupidity and their loss to reject Huawei. They have no choice but to buy.

As Ren Zhengfei said, if France wants to build an advanced communication network, it cannot do without Huawei’s help. After dismantling Huawei’s 3,000 antennas, it will hand over a $50 billion order to Huawei!

huawei ren zheng fei

American scholars: things are out of control.

It is understood that France has agreed to Huawei’s participation in the construction of a high-speed submarine cable project with a length of 15,000 kilometers and a value of US$50 billion, which is expected to be completed in 2021.

As soon as the news that France handed over the $50 billion project to Huawei, there was an uproar around the world, and a scholar in the United States even exclaimed: the situation has gone out of control!

huawei order

The scholar believes that submarine cables are the most important method of Internet information transmission between countries, and the level of information security is very high, and France agrees to Huawei’s participation in the construction of Sino-French submarine optical cable projects without giving it to US companies, which is sufficient to prove that France has If the development of the situation is allowed to continue, Huawei’s 5G development in the international market will surely usher in spring.

Why does France show two completely different attitudes towards Huawei? The main reason is that in the process of Huawei serving in any country in the world, there has never been any negative news, which proves that Huawei’s ethics is very high. Secondly, Huawei’s technology in the field of submarine cables is very advanced, such as 200G wavelength division transmission technology. The capacity of each box is up to 16Tbps, and the delay is lower, which can support huge data transmission.

Huawei’s ability to win this submarine cable project is a proof of its strength, and it is the best response to the US fabricated “the existence of a security backdoor for Huawei equipment.” As long as Huawei can complete this project to a high standard, Huawei can complete another icebreaker in the international telecommunications market.

The author believes that in the face of strong technical strength and economic gains and losses, all countries have a scale in their hearts and will eventually make the right decision. Huawei’s 5G cold is only temporary. It will not be long before it will become the darling of telecom operators in all countries! What do you think?

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