Why is the salary of most engineers so low, but the IT industry is so high?

First look at a set of data:

Average salary of mechanical engineer: 76140 yuan/year

Average salary of IT engineers: 112042 yuan/year

There is no harm without comparison. And the salary of the most ordinary engineer is even lower! Why is this?

1. Entry time is different

Software engineers can enter the industry or improve their ranks in a short period of time through hard work and practice.

Mechanical engineers generally work for three years and can get started even if they are very good. Basically, they have to be a famous teacher to lead the way and someone is willing to burn money for you to practice hands to get real growth. The vast majority of mechanical engineers who have worked within three to five years feel that they have mastered a certain tool very well. This is actually an illusion. When there is no such illusion and begin to pay attention to professional foundation, it is not far from getting started.

2. The role is different

An engineer who is proficient in technology has made great efforts to become an expert, but in actual work, he often can only play an important role, not a major role. For example, to build a hydropower plant, first of all, it is not an engineer who can handle it, but a team of several engineers involved in different fields.

However, in many wealth legends of the IT industry, although the methods of mass production/deployment services similar to traditional industries are also used, the core products/services still come from the technology and creativity of high-end talents, which cannot be replaced. So it must be able to distribute the core interests.

3. Transformation of emerging industries

Among the top 20 market capitalizations, only Tencent, Alibaba, and Mobile are all related to the Internet. What about industrial companies?

which is strong and weak, at a glance

“Manufacturing country”, it is more labor cost, resources, processing and assembly. The design, R&D, and brand with the highest added value in the industry chain are not in China.

4. The market decision

(1) Compared with most industries, the construction industry has low barriers to entry. Whether it is a technical secondary school, a junior college, or a bachelor’s degree, you will know nothing at the beginning, and most companies will not give you high wages.

(2) In the construction industry, there is too much fluidity. Generally, those who have the ability to run away or switch to Party A. This has caused most of the people to be novices or semi-independent people. There are only about 10,000 people who can be alone.

(3) In the entire construction industry, there are generally a small number of people with certificates and management capabilities. If such people are on a platform that is not large enough, the height of their ceiling will be determined. This is also the reason why wages are generally low in this industry.

However, it is not to say that it is physical or virtual. There are many people who can make a lot of money in the engineering industry, and not all IT workers get high salaries. But these factors also need to be considered when choosing a major now. What do you think? Welcome everyone to pay attention and leave a message, let’s discuss together

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