Famous French mathematician La Forge joins Huawei

Mathematician La Forge joins Huawei

Huawei announces good news, another key person officially joins, using actions to teach the world a lesson

As we all know, Huawei can develop from an ordinary domestic brand to a technology giant, to a large extent because of their continuous innovation in products. Technological innovation and upgrading are naturally inseparable from talents. This is the main reason why Ren Zhengfei has been seeking talents to join Huawei.

According to the Daily Business News report, Huawei publicly announced a piece of good news that a well-known French mathematician officially joined the company. It is foreseeable that with his support, Huawei will officially open the road to break the game!

At the early stage of the development of my country’s science and technology industry, when everyone heard of Huawei, their first reaction was domestic brands, not as good as international brands such as Apple and Samsung. But now, when it comes to Huawei, the first reaction of netizens is: Huawei is the pride of China and the leader of technology companies!

Nowadays, Huawei has not only been touted domestically, it has also successfully opened the door to the world and taught the world a lesson with actions. More importantly, Huawei has mastered 5G technology one step ahead. You know, even the United States did not do it, but Huawei did it, fully demonstrating Huawei’s true technological level.

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How much does Huawei attach importance to absorbing talents

To a large extent, Huawei can obtain such achievements because it is good at discovering and reusing talents. In order to attract elites from all walks of life, Ren Zhengfei did not hesitate to spend huge sums of money to launch the “Genius Youth” activity. Interviewers need to go through 7 interview sessions before they can become Huawei’s genius teenagers. Ren Zhengfei has set three different wage standards for talented teenagers, the highest can reach 2.01 million per person per year, and the lowest can reach 896,000. So far, Huawei has recruited 17 talented teenagers, 5 of whom have an annual salary of 2.01 million. Of course, the activity is ongoing every year, and Huawei will attract more talented teenagers in the future.

Famous French mathematician La Forge joins Huawei

In addition to the talented boy, Huawei announced another good news. Another important figure has joined the company. He is the famous French mathematician La Forge. Through understanding and discovering, Laforge won the highest level of award in the mathematics world, so his joining is a powerful addition to Huawei, and the road to breaking the game is officially opened!

It is reported that as early as 2017, Laforge had contact with the Huawei research team. At that time, Huawei funded a topological research project, and La Forge personally attended the project lecture at the University of Saclay in Paris. Last year, the University of Paris-Saclay formally finalized a partnership with Huawei and established a talent plan, aiming to provide 6 million euros in the next 10 years and plan to fund 7 talents every year.

Even if Laforge resigned from the University of Paris-Saclay, the cooperation was still counted. Laforge himself stated that he is very honored to join the Huawei team to conduct topological research.

After learning the news, netizens left comments and liked them. Not only did they welcome Laforge to join, they also expressed their confidence in Huawei’s future development.

What makes people even more pleasantly surprised is that Huawei’s self-improvement will never stop. Ren Zhengfei said that Huawei will continue to improve the talent recruitment mechanism and hope to see more talents from European and American countries join.

With the addition of fresh blood, Huawei can run in and communicate with internal talents, which can achieve a multiplier effect with half the effort. Moreover, Huawei has a financial background, and the salary is higher than that of many countries, so it is no wonder that it cannot attract those foreign talents. It is reported that many highly educated talents in Japan choose to develop in our country because of their high domestic competition and not many good jobs. Moreover, the treatment provided by the government and enterprises is not as good as in my country, and the promotion space is not as good as in our country, so they hope to be able to develop in China for a long time.

Huawei’s rapid development over the years has successfully attracted international attention. The United States, which has always been jealous of our country, can’t see it, and unites its allies to suppress Huawei’s development. First, it boycotted Huawei’s 5G on the grounds of so-called security. Then it launched chip sanctions to cut off China’s supply chain for obtaining chips. Under the heavy influence of the United States, Huawei did feel the pressure at first, but it quickly turned the pressure into motivation.

In last year’s annual report, it was shown that both sales revenue and profit did not decrease, but instead increased significantly. With the continuous influx of talents, Huawei will not worry about its future development, and it will soon be able to break the technological monopoly of other countries.

The United States and its allies are boycotting Huawei’s 5G, but it does not mean that all countries in the world will accompany them. Huawei has already received a large number of 5G orders and there are no so-called security issues.

After the United States lags behind my country in 5G, it has begun to think of ways to get back a round and has already begun 6G research. my country is naturally prepared for the problems that the United States can think of. Everyone must understand that my country has experience in 5G technology, and it is definitely more advantageous to develop 6G. Therefore, the outside world believes that the credit of 6G may have to fall into the hands of China again. Although the United States is impatient, it also depends on its strength. It was unable to develop 5G at the beginning, and it may face many thorny challenges if it suddenly leapfrogs to 6G.

The U.S. government boycotts Huawei, but the American people do not approve of this approach, because when the local country does not have this technology, blindly suppressing the technology of other countries will only end up falling behind. By then, most countries will popularize 5G, but the United States and its allies do not. People in these countries will definitely not buy it.

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